Our First Days in Panama!

Hola todos! We arrived in Panama Saturday morning and had an incredible time in Panama City! The flight went really well and I actually managed to sleep the entire three hours except for waking up for the in flight meal. 🙂 Thankfully we went through the airport smoothly and were able to drive through the city to get to our hotel for the evening. I didn’t expect the city to have as many high rises as it did! We were all on the edges of our seats looking at the advertisements, billboards, shops, and people as we drove. Most everyone got checked into their rooms (we had a few that had to wait for their rooms to be ready) and then we got on the bus with our tour guide Manuel to learn more about the historic city.

The old city of panama was an amazing experience! The old abandoned buildings of Panama City have been transformed into new restored apartments and homes while maintaining the integrity of the old architecture. Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the history and significance of Panama City. The churches in Panama City are very sacred and valued. There are many shops along the way while walking through Panama City. The people of Panama sell their beautiful, unique handmade crafts throughout the streets. Overall, the old city of Panama was an exceptional, memorizing experience and USF College of Nursing is very lucky to have experienced the culture.

Today was our second day in Panama. We started the day with breakfast at the hotel in Panama City. The fruit here is muy delicioso! Then we went on a tour of the Panama Canal. We learned about the history of the canal and how it impacted the Panamanian culture. The canal has connected the world since 1914 by providing a faster, shorter, and cheaper trade route. It also brought a number of jobs and a diverse group of people to Panama. After our tour we enjoyed lunch at the hotel, and packed the bus for our journey to Chitré. We are all excited to explore the city and begin our clinicals tomorrow!

Adiós Panama City,

Gabby L., Annie R., and  Kailey T.


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